Thursday, April 12, 2007

Brazilian Animal Edmundo To Run With Red Bull?

The South American wild striker hunt has taken another turn as Brazilian forward/madman Edmundo is the latest player linked to The Red Bull of Major League Soccer. For those keeping score at home, the targets have been Ronaldo-Rivaldo-Delgado-Angel-Salas and now it's Edmundo, the man dubbed The Animal by those who know him best.

Edmundo is 36, has changed clubs 17 times, has more bridge-burning experience than Bill Holden and is fond of monkeys. On the plus side, he can score goals, including 30 for his current team, Palmeiras (Brazil) since 2006. Did we mention he was 36? As always, things are sketchy, but rumor has it The Red Bull may be able to land him on the cheap (ala The Cletus) and short-term, perhaps without even clogging up a DP slot. Stay tuned.

  • Speaking of The Cletus, Soccernet has an interesting story here.

  • In case you missed it, MetroFanatic has a terrific piece on Markus Schopp's sports hernia injury, a malady which has relentlessly haunted the MetroStars-Red Bull here.

  • Soccer By Ives chronicles the tug-of-war over Clifton, NJ's Tedd Niziolek here.

  • Argentine Carlos Marinelli has signed with KC Wizards. Check out the MLSnet release here.

  • And last but not least, Sports Bog looks at five DC United rookies playing house here. (hat tip to du Nord)
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