Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Boca's Barros Schelotto Considering New Crew

Argentine Boca Juniors legend Guillermo Barros Schelotto may be headed to Major League Soccer's Columbus Crew, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Barros Schelotto has scored 87 goals and won 15-championships in his illustrious 10-year Boca career which is reportedly winding down with the emergence of younger players Martin Palermo and Rodrigo Palacio (hat tip to Soccer Legends).

"I really can't comment until we have some signed documents in hand," Crew coach Sigi Schmid told The Dispatch. "We think the experience he has and his character, if he is in fact a player we (sign), would be good for us." Ya think?

GBS (if he does indeed come to MLS, there is no way in Hades we're gonna keep typing out Guillermo Barros Schelotto, so let's try this for now, see how it works. *update below) is affectionately known as El Mellizo, The Twin, for obvious reasons, making him the most beloved Twin in Argentina, edging out two upstanding American siblings who recently took the country by storm.

YouTube (what else?) has video of GBS here, here and here.

MLS Underground published a fan email which captures the passionate feelings toward GBS in Argentina. If a fraction of that enthusiasm can be transplanted to Columbus and MLS, sparked by inspiring, creative on-the-field excellence, this is a very welcome development.

*Update: Noting the usage of "Guille," which is better than our lame GBS. We'll act accordingly.

  • Fellow Argentine Pablo Ricchetti signed with FC Dallas awhile ago and despite early confidence he would be playing by Opening Day, visa and league issues (h/t FC Dallas Updates) are still being hammered out and Ricchetti doesn't even appear on the Dallas website's team roster. So Guille's actual arrival date, in addition to the official consummation of the transfer, is not yet set in stone.
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