Monday, May 7, 2007

If You Blow A Game in the Last Two Minutes
But Nobody Sees It, Does It Make a Noise?

Thanks to the brilliant MLS broadcast deal with a high-definition cable mogul/doofus who won't be getting any free publicity from this blog (and our tens of readers!) we have no first-hand knowledge of what the hell happened in Utah on Saturday night, but rumor has it, the Red Bull blew a two-goal lead in the waning moments of a 3-3 draw with Under-New-Management Real Salt Lake.

On the plus side, published reports claim Clint Mathis had a really good game in his return from exile, scoring two goals and setting up a Dane Richards tally. Good for Mathis and even better for the Red Bull, as an inspired, productive Cletus, roaming freely with the borderline obsessive-compulsive, defensively-positioned Claudio Reyna providing cover, could spark a potential Juan Pablo Angel-Jozy Altidore striking partnership to heights previously unseen in Major League Soccer. Provided Bruce Arena resists his conservative instincts and unleashes an offensive Mathis-Angel-Altidore lineup, of course. Stay tuned, as Juan Pablo scored his work visa and may play on Sunday against the Colorado Rapids (Hat tip to Big Apple Soccer).

Oh, and four words for the mogul/doofus (YouTube) who secured the rights to Red Bull-Real without an agreement with the equally loathesome NY/NJ metropolitan cable TV Jackass: Karma is a bitch.

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