Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tim Conway Joins Red Bull, Hilarity Ensues

A funny thing happened on the way to New England on Saturday. Keeper Ronald Wattereus missed another game, and his replacement was none other than Carol Burnett Show legend Tim Conway. Harvey Korman's favorite dentist didn't disappoint either, as his howler had them laughing in the aisles, in addition to gifting the Revolution
a 2-1 victory over the increasingly ludicrous Red Bull.

Considering the ridiculous display at DC on Wednesday (featuring the absurd omission of Jozy Altidore from the starting lineup and Keystone Kops defending), perhaps Carlos Mencia will supplant Mendes in the ever-changing Back Four and Dane Cook will swap places with Dane Richards on the wing for a Red Bull Comic Trifecta next Saturday against the Chicago Fire. Get your tickets now!

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