Friday, February 23, 2007

Nicky, We Hardly Knew Ye

The Nick Rimando Era with the Red Bull was short. Really short. Tom Cruise spectacularly dwarfed by newest Stepford Wife Katie Holmes short. Which is funny, except that it makes MLS look bad.

Name one other professional sports league in the world where Team A acquires Player X from Team B and then two weeks later trades Player X back to Team B. Keep thinking, but you have a better chance of getting Scarlett Johansson over to your house dressed like Catwoman than you do of coming up with one. Know why? Because there are no Givesy-Backseys in professional sports! Sure, guys move around all the time, and many return to their former teams, but 14 days later? It's a joke.

Big Apple Soccer has the specifics, which include Scott Garlick abruptly retiring from Real Salt Lake and Jon Conway's reported trip from Red Bull to Toronto FC now postponed, if not torpedoed altogether.

Unfortunately, this farcical Goalkeeper Carousel, where netminders are being swapped and shifted from team to team like horses being traded on the Deadwood Thoroughfare, is unsightly, unbecoming, and frankly, unacceptable.

Major League Soccer's current economic and player dispersal model is what it is. The people ponying up the dough for MLS have decided this is the best way for the league to grow and prosper. Fair enough. But there has to be some mechanism in place to prevent ridiculous situations like Nick Rimando's Excellent Salt Lake To New York And Back to Salt Lake Two-Week Adventure.

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