Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Beckham US Tour Dates Released

Back in the day, recently departed Old School TV broadcast stylist Jim Karvallas would respond to Seamus Mallon's astute color commentary of a particularly nifty play -- say a neat Bogie through-ball to Chinaglia (Karvallas pronunciation: KEEEEY-nalia) -- with an emphatic, "That’s good soccer, Seamus." And so today, we present Major League Soccer with the first-ever That's Good Soccer, Seamus Award, for the clever scheduling which guarantees the LA Galaxy -– or Team Beckham, if you prefer -– will play at least one road game in every single MLS city from July to the end of the season. Not coincidentally, Beckham’s current contract with Real Madrid expires on June 30.

Oh, how Capello and that odious Calderon at Real Madrid must love the timing. Since Beckham will indeed be visiting each MLS stadium in 2007, despite Real's predatory intransigence, AEG and MLS can now negotiate his liberation from the stands at the Bernabeu, a pointless, wasteful exile even his teammates lament, fully aware that, worst-case, Becks arrives on Independence Day and plays out the rest of the season. (Provided he stays healthy, which will be addressed in a future post). Best-case, Real get real, make a fair deal, and Beckham joins Donovan and Company at the Home Depot Center for start of season. Win-win for MLS and its fans. That's good soccer, Seamus.

Beckham and the Galaxy face the Red Bulls on Saturday night, August 18. Should be quite a show. Get tickets now.

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