Thursday, March 8, 2007

To Play and Tie in LA

Another draw for the Red Bull in the City of Angels. John Wolyniec scored the lone goal against the Houston Dynamo on Tuesday, and the curiously Hamlet-like Brian Ching (to play or not to play?) got one past Ronald Waterreus, who later stoned NotKenny Dalglish on a PK. The Dutch keeper also stopped Kelly's brother from converting the rebound via diving header.

With the MLS season still a month away there's no reason to panic, but Big Apple Soccer's warning about the Red Bull's anemic offense is proving prescient. Wolyniec is hard-working and has a good nose for the goal, but as a starter? According to Soccer by Ives, Jozy Altidore hasn't staked a definitive claim to the fulltime striker spot and Ansu Toure has cooled off.

So what to do? The guess here is the Red Bull will bring in a striker, despite their recent comments to contrary. It may not be a bigtime Designated Player type, but a guy who can be counted on to find the back of the net on at least a semi-regular basis will be added, if not right away, prior to the April 15 signing deadline.

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